Friday Monday Question

Author: KW

Created: 10/12/2021 Last Modified: 10/12/2021

Adult / CYP: Children and Young people

Categories: Social Anxiety | Low Self Esteem

Experience Narrative:

On Monday I will ask a friend/peer who I am sat near to (I wouldn't normally speak to) if they had a nice weekend, did they do anything nice. On Friday I will ask a different friend/peer who I am sat near to (who I wouldn't normally speak to) if they are doing anything nice at the weekend. I will use a level 2 voice and give eye contact to the person I will answer them for example say "that sounds good" if appropriate

Belief to be tested:

Others will be mean and hurtful They will reject me They will ignore me They may talk about me Belief 100%

Alternative Perspective:

They will be interested and answer the question Nothing bad will happen Belief 0%

Safety Behaviours to drop:

Not looking at the person, looking in my phone quiet shy voice level 1 Not showing interest in the answer

Client reflections:

Nothing bad happened, I actually got invited to the cinema

Practitioner reflections:

practicing with the client the voice levels and setting for homework was helpful

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