Going to the bakery shop

Author: KW

Created: 16/02/2022 Last Modified: 29/11/2022

Adult / CYP: Children and Young people

Categories: Social Anxiety | PTSD | Low Self Esteem

Experience Narrative:

I will go to the shop walking by the roadside at midday to buy some cakes. I will ask for what I want I will pay and touch cash I will check the route on planner to make sure I know how to get there People will judge me negatively when they see me e.g cars passing me by

Belief to be tested:

If I go to the shop then I might get hurt 50% I will be judged negatively by others 100%

Alternative Perspective:

If I go to the shop then nothing bad happens 50% Noone will care that I am walking to the shop to buy stuff 70% I cannot tell if people judge me just by looking at them 50%

Safety Behaviours to drop:

looking at the floor crossing over if there's people staring at people for too long

Client reflections:

It wasn't as bad as what I thought I touched money and it was ok nothing bad happened 0% there was no evidence for judgements (negative) 0% judgement, nobody care 100% I was not hurt 0% harm

Practitioner reflections:

good experiment

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