Using hands on taps

Author: KW

Created: 04/03/2022

Adult / CYP: Children and Young people

Categories: Emetophobia

Experience Narrative:

I will close off the taps after washing my hands with my hands. I will eat an apple. I will hold the apple with my full hand (right) that has been used to close off the tap.

Belief to be tested:

If I eat something after touching the taps, then I will get sick - 80%

Alternative Perspective:

If I eat something after touching the taps the I will be fine and not vomit 20%

Safety Behaviours to drop:

Using certain 'clean' fingers or a 'cleaner' feeling hand Avoiding the eating Using elbows or wrists to turn off the tap

Client reflections:

I closed off the tap, felt a little anxious and nauseous when I started to eat the apple. I had thoughts in my head about being sick after and how bad this would be. It's days after and I wasn't sick. This means that I wasn't contaminated and that I can turn the taps off just using my hands and it doesn't make me ill.

Practitioner reflections:


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